Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blogging Planner Review AND My First Ever Review!!

One of my first tasks as a reviewer for Mosaic Reviews was to pick from a list of blogging planners. My initial thought, BLOGGING PLANNER? SERIOUSLY? Why on earth would I need THAT? (as a new blogger and all)   But, it was a task I took on gladly, as I can always use more organization!! We had a list of blogging planners to choose from, from simple 1 pagers all the way to year long planners.

Stock photo from Say Not Sweet Anne.  See how nice it looks in color!

Why I Chose This Blogging Planner.
Well, I always pick things that look the best to help get me organized, and if a blogging planner will organize me, than so be it! I chose Say Not Sweet Anne as my blogging planner, It had the perfect layout for me, as a new blogger, to fit my lifestyle (try to be super organized and together, but epically fail always) super organized! It has month calendar pages, weekly pages, notes section, and so many great features. But, the one feature that I loved was that she has the planner in several color options for printing, pink would of course been my favorite, however I only had ink for my black and white printer so I was happy to see a b/w color option, as it always prints nicer that way.

Shh, we won't notice my HORRIBLE handwriting in this one!!

A really neat thing that I loved that Say not sweet Anne suggested!
Once picking out my planner (and figuring out how to print two sided with my printer, which was much easier than I expected) I printed this bad boy out! Now, I said I like to be organized right? I happened to have my 2012 planner sitting by me and had a grand idea! I buy the same planners from Target every year! I took apart my 2012 planner, grabbed the front and back cover along with my stack of papers printed for my blogging planner and about 10 blank sheets of printer paper (for notes not blogging related in the back of the planner) and headed to the office supply store. I dropped off my stack of things and 10 minutes later had my beautiful spiral bound planner that is now identical on the outside to my 2013 planner that I use daily for work, and now these two sit on the small bookshelf next to my desk looking pretty together!

The one one the left is my yearly planner that I use for work, and the one on the right is my Blogging planner from Say Not Sweet Anne.

It's FREE!!!!
I loved the suggestion of getting it bound!
I also loved the black and white printing option.
The month at a glance pages are great, I use them a lot!

Hmm, I really don't have any. I ordered my color ink a few days after printing this out, for my color printer, so next year when I print my 2014 blogging planner from Say Not Sweet Anne it will be PINK!!!

All in all, Blogging planner from Say Not Sweet Anne, great choice!!


  1. Your review was wonderful! I loved how you were resourceful and used the cover from last year's planner.

  2. Great Idea to place it in the binder you already had! :)