Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spanish for You!

I have been searching for a Spanish curriculum for Twinkle Toes for quite some time.  All the ones I have seen are either too expensive, too detailed, not for beginners, or just look boring!  I have never taken any kind of Spanish (unless we want to count the toddler shows she used to watch years ago), so when I found out that I would be reviewing Spanish for You! I was pretty excited, especially after looking at the previews online of this curriculum.  I loved that it was reasonably priced for when I have to order more, and looks so appealing to kids (and me)!

Debbie Annett is the author of Spanish for you!  She has been so wonderful to work with and answer any questions that any of us have.  She has been teaching Spanish for 14 years!  I love how she has made all of the downloads so easy to organize and plan our our busy school days.

Spanish for You! currently has 2 themed packages available, Fiestas (celebrations) and Estaciones (seasons).  (Viajes (travels) is set to come out on June of 2013, and is currently available as a 4 or 6 week trial)  We got the chance to review Fiestas, and it sure was a celebration to get to review this item!  Spanish for You! provides two audio packages to download with their product which is great. The native speaker is a bit harder for us to understand, as we have never taken any Spanish, but the audio file of Debbie speaking is wonderful and easy to follow.

The books is very basic, which I love because its not full of colorful illustrations to distract you from the lessons. I like to plan ahead, so I printed out our full year of printables and put them in a three ring binder, this makes it very easy for us to get our lessons done with little effort. With me working full time (from home) I am all about convenience and making things as easy as I can for both Twinkle Toes and myself.

 (oops, when printing my label for my binder I forgot a space between Spanish and for!!)

You only need basic supplies (that you probably already have around the house) to go along with Spanish for You!.
You will need...
Card stock, Markers or crayons, and glitter/decorating materials (which is optional)

Spanish for You! lesson plans are easy to follow.  Debbie has written the lessons so clearly and understandable that anyone can follow them, even the older kids can teach the younger kids from these, if you have multiple ages, I only have one child and I can have her read her lessons when needed.  Important notes are in bold in the lessons so that they are easy to read if  you are skimming through your lessons for the week for planning.

Now, lets talk about price, because that is a HUGE factor in pretty much every homeschoolers life, right?

Spanish for You! offers two price plans for each themed package
You can buy individual grade levels 3-4, 5-7, or 7-8 for $39.95 OR you can buy the package that covers grades 3-8 for only $64.95 and use it for all of your children in those grade levels!

If you are using Spanish for You! in a classroom, you can also purchase the lessons plans for $12.95-$14.95!  I think Spanish for You! would be wonderful in a co-op, and am thinking of teaching it in the co-op that I am involved in this coming Fall!  Currently, teacher lesson plans are only available for Fiestas, but Estaciones and Viajes will be available soon!!

We have loved this so far and plan to continue using Spanish for You! for our full 4th grade school year coming up!  I typically tell you the pros and cons of curriculum that I review, however, there just aren't any, we absolutely love Spanish for You! and look forward to continuing to use it in the years to come!

(I apologize for the blurry pictures, I DID take great pictures with my camera this time, however when I went to put them onto my computer, I of course couldn't find my computer cord, go figure)

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  1. Thanks for the review Vickey! I will take a look at this for our schooling next year! My children have wanted to learn Spanish for several years.