Thursday, April 11, 2013

The homeschool planner of my dreams!!

I have been eyeballing Aploogia The Ultimate Homeschool Planner by Debra Bell for months. So, when I found out that I would be reviewing it I was over the moon excited ( to say the least). I already use Apologia science, and had high expectations for this planner as we happen to love our science! I am going to try and keep this post short and easily readable, but if you know me, that translates into "grab some coffee, you might be here a while"!!!

I actually get to tell you about two planners today, The Ultimate Homeschool Planner AND The Ultimate Daily planner for Students! These came in the mail and I just might have attacked hubby for the package when I saw it, I was just a tad bit excited!!

Lets start with Twinkle Toes' planner.

This is about the size of normal student planners at appx 9x7, which is great for kids.  It comes not dated, so we can add our dates to go with our school year, not pre-planned dates.  It cost $19 and is a great price for what you get!  The front and back covers are made of a strong flexible plastic, I can see this lasting through lots of use by kiddo throughout the year and holding up great for storage when we are done with it.  Each week has a Bible verse on the top of the left page and a history trivia question on the right, which Iis a great added bonus.

You can't see from my photo well, but this is the weekly pages for kiddo to write her lessons in.

Now, I have a daughter who struggles with handwriting (one of those fine motor skills that she has trouble with) so I write in her planner for her, and go over it with her as well. I love how there is plenty of room to write her assignments out, I write a bit big. Another great thing is that there are two columns for her completed work to be checked off, one for her to check off when she completes the lesson that day, and one for a parent/teacher check to approve/confirm the work has been done. The planner seems to be helping teach independence, it's her requirement to see what work she has, get it done, check it off and bring to me for review. She is getting better and better at this each day.

What child doesn't like stickers!!  Lots of stickers for the Student planner for appointments, reminders, sports, test, etc.  Also a year at a glance calendar with a pocket on the other side of it.

Now about my planner!!!

It's awesome! ( I could end right there from how much I love it, but let me tell you why!)

Just like the student planner, the covers are made of that same plastic. Inside the front and back covers are POCKETS, who doesn't love having a dedicated place for those loose papers?!?!

 The first couple sections of the planner are about how to use it, how to schedule your time (I certainly need that), year at a glance calendars, etc.

It has 6 rows and 6 columns for planning, and you get to choose how you want to schedule your weeks, kids names across the top or the left, subjects, days etc.  We are putting the days of the week on the left side and the subjects across the top.  I only have one child and this works for us, but, for multiple children I would have a column for each child instead of the week days!

 I love how it has undated monthly calendars for 12 months and weekly planning pages. The planner is a great size at 8x11 closed, and then it opens up to lay flat with its sturdy binding not being in the way.

 Each of the weekly pages has a two page spread for your school schedule and a two page spread for your Spiritual planning/goals.

 Now, when looking at the price of $28 for this planner, you may be thinking its a bit pricey (I did) but, now that I have seen and used this, I can honestly say that It is the Mac Daddy of all planners, not only is there enough room for planning out your school year, but there is enough space in this to make it your yearly planner, calendar for appointments, school, and everything in between! I have been searching for a planner that I could use for everything, and I have found it! I fully intend on buying one every single year now!

I really don't have anything bad to say about either of these planners, they are perfect for our family needs.

Now, they also have a Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens!   I of course don't need one of those yet, but looking at it, I can see that I will be getting one in a few years for sure!

You can hop on over to there site  and see all that they have to offer for your homeschool planning needs!

Thanks for reading my long post on these great planners!  I did tell you it would end up being long, did you get that coffee I told you about?!?!?


  1. Great review and it is the Mac Daddy of all planners!! The teen planner is just as well done as the other two.My teenager loves hers.

  2. Excellent review. Love your "grab some coffee, you might be here a while"! statement. There is so much to share about the planner, it was hard to keep it short. Thanks for sharing how you are making it work for your situation.

  3. GREAT review! Don't you just love it that a member of a product review team you get products that you have on your personal wishlist!

  4. I love this planner too! :) It has been such a help with schooling 3 of them! :) I love having all their work in one place for me! :) I'm glad she loves the Student planner, I think that would work great for Collin next year! :) Great Review! :)

  5. My son isn't quite old enough for school yet but we do plan on homeschooling him. I love how descriptive you are in your reviews and how easy they are to follow. I am looking forward to trying this product when the time comes!

  6. I forgot to mention that I also REALLY love the font and design of your blog!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  7. Love all the great pictures you got of your planners!

  8. My daughter and i loved our planners as well! They are so versatile!