Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saving Memories Forever App

Saving Memories Forever is an app available on the Apple or Android market for having an audio of family memories. You can add story tellers, ask questions from a lot of preset questions, record answers, etc.

 This is a Free app for their basic service, or for more options and to have the ability to add photos to your stories you can purchase a subscription for 3.99 a month, or $40 a year.  This comparison will give you an idea of what you will get with the free app compared to the paid subscription.

When you log on to the app, you pick a name (or create one for a new story teller) and then you pick an age to have them tell you about.

Once you pick the age, there are preset questions to be able to ask your story teller about, family, life, etc.

Unfortunately for me, I don't live near any of my family (other than my daughter and husband, of course) and I wasn't able to use this on family.  I think it would be really nice if Saving Memories were to add an option to be able to type in responses from story tellers, to be able to ask them questions over the phone for people like me who do not live close to the families.  I would definitely recommend trying out the Free app and seeing what you think about it, and if you like it, grab their premium subscription so that you can add photos and have unlimited story tellers/listeners!

I used this app on my iPad and it worked well on the iPad, I didn't have any issued getting it to open or work.  I think this is a really neat program for family to use, I sure wish something like this would have been around when I was little, my father passed away when I was 6 and I would give anything to have an audio of his voice telling stories about his life and about me, and for my daughter to be able to hear her grandfathers voice and listen to him tell stories, that in itself would be priceless!

I will be taking a trip in June to see my family, and will try and use it more then and give an update.

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