Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Waterproof Bible!!

Yep, you did read that right, The Waterproof Bible is just what its name says, and boy is it!  We, of course, had to test this Bible to the extreme (although it was a bit awkward throwing my Bible in the bathtub).

We reviewed The Waterproof Bible New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs ESV.  This Bible now stays in my bathroom on the side of my tub, I have a wonderful Book to read while Calgon takes me away!  (If you are a mom, you get that!!). We gave this bible a good test in our whirlpool tub, not only is it waterproof; but it floats, you can still write in it, highlight passages, and carry it to church and bible study with you (great conversation starter there, huh?).  If your kids get their dirty, sticky hands on it, have no fear, it cleans right off.  The synthetic pages are quite durable, I even gave it a rip test!

There it is sitting on the side of my tub.

This great bible comes in multiple colors, even a camo cover for our loved ones in the military, we know they go through quite the terrain.  In fact, when I found out I would be reviewing this bible, the first thing I said was, "what a great product this will be for our deployed soldiers AND for missionaries"!!  My husband was in the Army, and this would have been wonderful for him when he was out in the field!  Do you have a loved one deployed?  Think of how much they would love to open up a care package with this inside it!

All in all, wonderful product, I will be ordering the full Bible (in pink, of course), and will be talking about this bible for many years to come!  If you have been to my house in the last month, you can attest that I show it to everyone that comes over!  

A few photos of testing this Bible.
There it is floating in the water!  Yep, it floats too!

 Soaking wet and still feels the same!

See that, the pages are soaked and it's in perfect condition!

Oh, you might be asking, how does it dry, what about mold, does it stain?  Those were my questions, but I am pleased to say that when you stand this bible up on its spine with the pages slightly open, it dries in about 24 hours fully, we have no stains and no mold/mildew to my surprise!  
Sitting on a towel on the edge of the tub to dry!  (oh that bookmark you see, waterproof too!!)

You can purchase this great Bible from Bardin & Marsee Publishing, the prices range from $24.95-$44.95 depending on which one you choose.



  1. I love this bible, When I first saw it I thought it was to great for us busy mom's and little hands :) I must say it was hard to comprehend it at first but your right it totally rocks! I can't wait to get one! :)

    1. Hi Shelley! One of the people that got too see it when you came over!! I love it too! Thanks for commenting!