Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Light for my Path by Davis Carman

Blessed are those who keep his statues
and seek him with all their heart-
they do no wrong
but follow his ways.

Psalms 119:2-3

Today I get to tell you about a wonderful book that we got a chance to review over the last few weeks.  A Light for my Path by Davis Carman, published by Apologia

A Light for my Path is a children's ABC book written with a beautiful Biblical view based on Psalms 119.  Davis Carman has done a wonderful job reinforcing the alphabet by creating a full spread of two pages for each of the 27 letters of The English alphabet showing the letters in capital and lowercase and with a full page spread photo of each letter, with either a plant or animal to correspond with each letter from A-Z. 

The author has given instruction on how to use this book and the history behind why Psalms 119 was chosen for this book.  Since Twinkle Toes is older, we read this together and from the first few sentences she was drawn in to every single word.  

The second half of this book teaches us the full 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and has Psalms 119 printed throughout the pages from Psalms 119:1 through Psalms 119:176.  We read through the entire book when we read it, but again Twinkle Toes is older, if your child is smaller you might want to read through the English alphabet each time you read it and a different Hebrew letter each time you read it together.  This will give you a chance to talk about the verses that have been read and more of a chance for smaller minds to pay attention and take in what you have read.  You can of course read this however you like and what is best for your children :)  

Twinkle Toes very much enjoys reading this book, and has even started to read it to our animals.  Here is Twinkle Toes reading A Light for my Path to our dog Cupcake.  Our animals get a lot of reading aloud done to them, Twinkle Toes loves to read to the animals and even makes school work for them to do, because the animals must learn too!

We have absolutely loved reading this book together and will use it for many years to come!

You can head on over to Apologia's website to see more about this book and purchase A Light for my Path.  At a price of $14 I find this book a great price and another valuable book to add to our home library! 

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