Thursday, October 3, 2013

iTooch by eduPad Review

eduPad has created a fun way to learn on your tablet or smart phone, iTooch is an app for learning Math, Language Arts, Science, Health, Music, and even French!  

Available for Apple, Windows and it's now available for Android devices!

I will have to say, I was happy to hear that it was available for Windows phones/tablets, I have a Windows phone and have a hard time finding some of my favorite apps on there.  For the purpose of this review I used my iPad so we would have the bigger screen to see/use it.

When asked to do this review I was actually pretty excited because I happened to already have this app for Twinkle Toes on my iPad!  I like to keep educational stuff on there for when we are out and about so that she's not just playing Angry Birds all the time!!

When logging in you chose what subject you want to work on that session and it will bring you to your progress chart, you can only play a certain number of levels in the free version, they do have free and paid versions of the apps, we only used the free versions.  (it takes a lot for me to actually purchase an app, I have only purchases two apps in my over 4 years of having a smart phone!)

This app is really neat because it's fun, colorful, has fun sounds, and is easy to use!  If you get the answer correct you get a check mark, if the answer is incorrect it gives you the correct answer.

I find myself when I am bored logging in and playing the games myself, nothing wrong with continuing education as an adult, and it's funny how many simple things that you learn as a child that you forget as an adult.  (I get answers wrong often, ha ha, it's like that show Are you Smarter than a 5th grader)


-Easy to use
-The graphics are great!!  (Lets face it, if it's not pretty to look at it's probably not going to get used, right??)
-The have some free stuff to use to see if you will really like it


-Cost of the paid apps- They run from $4.99 and up for each subject of each grade!  If I were to purchase an app, I would prefer to purchase the app and not have to make an additional purchase each time I want to use something else in the app.

That's really the only con that I could come up with, it's a really fun app for adults and kids!

Curious if this is the app for your family but not yet ready to make the plunge?  Head on over to the Mosaic Review page and see what the others reviewers thought of iTooch!

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