Monday, December 9, 2013

New Dining Room Table

I have been wanting a new dining room table, but couldn't seem to find one that I liked or that would be the perfect size for my awkward shaped dining room/eat in kitchen.  I have been following Ana White's projects for quite some time, but haven't braved doing any of them yet.  I have never done any kind of wood project before, with the exception of helping hubby hold something while he nailed it or something, so this was a whole new element for me!

I decided on Ana White's Farmhouse table.  It was the perfect length, however I did adjust the width a bit, I  wanted my table a bit wider than hers.  I actually used three different tutorials from Ana White's website for this table as I liked different features in the Farmhouse Table, the Updated Farmhouse Table (using a pocket hole drill), and another from a guest post.

Due to the lack of the lumber type/size that I wanted to use at our local HD, I ended up using 1 2x10 for the center and 2 2x8's on both sides of that and a 2x8 for the breadboard ends.  This project was much easier than I expected it to be, and I am now in love with wood projects!  The hardest part of this table was the same as everyone else said it would be, notching out the legs for the stretcher and apron.  Aside from that this was pretty simple.

What the table top looks like on the underside with all of the pocket holes.

Hubby helped me with the table, I planned to do it all myself but it was very nice having help.  I had never used most of the tools that were needed for this so help was a must for my own safety, ha ha!

We picked wood with some nice size knots in it to give it plenty of personality.

Sanding the table, and sanding the table, and sanding the table.  

Starting the tedious job of staining.

Putting the 2nd coat of stain on.

Sanding after the 2nd coat of stain.

3rd and final coat of stain on and drying.

Close up of the bottom of the table, we only put one coat on the bottom and love how the grain of the wood came out.

For the finish we went with MinWax Jacobean.  The color came out MUCH darker than we anticipated, but I am so glad that it did!
Dining room before.

Dining room after.

Close up of the stain/table top.

We have a lot more plans for the dining room, here is my Pinterest board of my plans for the dining room!  We plan to make the matching bench to go along with the table for one side and 4 parsons chairs on the other side of the table.  I am still trying to decide the fabric for the parsons chairs, and find some chairs for cheap to refinish and reupholster with it.

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